3D Signage: The signage of choice for branding your business

Make your brand stand out  through 3D fabricated LED signage. Fast becoming the signage of choice for many businesses. 3D signs are customisable to suit your specifications, allowing you to make a statement about your business.


Why choose a 3D sign?

There are many reasons to invest in a 3D sign. As well as helping customers locate you, it can add depth and impact to your branding. Neon, Illuminated and 3D signs can be read from ten times the distance of a standard sign. 3D fabricated letters spell out what makes your business different, using your brand to convey your company culture and purpose. It’s clear, readable and versatile in design options. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage, your 3D sign can help you build your brand, advertise your company and let people know where you are. 


3D Signage Materials

Our 3D signs can be made from a range of materials including aluminium, acrylic, stainless steel, timber or a combination of materials. For exterior signage, acrylic is often the material of choice. It comes in a range of colours and can be cut to suit your branding. Metal is also another great option for outdoors with increased durability but can become expensive. Interior signs typically don’t need to be as durable, so can be made from cheaper materials. 


3D Sign Design

Just like the materials, the designs are almost limitless when it comes to 3D signs. Choose something elaborate and extreme like large lettering or a complex shape or keep it simple with just your business name, logo or both. All of our design work, as well as manufacturing, is completed within our facility on the Mornington Peninsula. And since we have all of the necessary equipment in the one facility, we can produce all kinds of signage solutions, which reduces the cost to the client.


Illuminated 3D signs

Lighting and illumination effects can add another dimension, especially in bad weather or at night when your sign is lit up, advertising your business. LED technology has come a long way in recent years, so there is an LED option to suit your needs. The illumination doesn’t just stop at white lights; there are plenty of colour options. And some of our signs come with remotes to change the colours to suit your needs.


3D Sign Placement

The obvious location for your 3D sign is outside. On the exterior of your business premises, with little visual obstruction is ideal. But other great options include indoors in a foyer, behind a reception desk, on supportive interior walls or columns, in front of customer service counters and some cases, they can even be free-standing.


3D Sign Installation

As well as designing and manufacturing all of our signs in house, we also install all of our work. By installing the signage we make, we can ensure the highest quality has been obtained throughout the whole process. From design to manufacture to installation, we also take care of OH&S components like traffic management and risk management during the installation process.

A 3D sign is often seen as a mark of quality and a reflection of the success of the business. So if you are looking for your signage to stand out, there is no better option than a 3D sign. Contact us today to find out how we can make your business stand out.



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