How Outdoor Signage can improve your Business

Outdoor signage is crucial to the success of branding any business. Whether you aim to advertise your brand or help your customers find you, signage plays a crucial role. Adding effective signage to your branding strategy can strengthen your identity and help customers find you or attract attention day or night with light-up signs.


An A-Frame sign is probably the most cost-effective type of outdoor signage and is quickly noticed by people on the street. As well as being cost-effective, A-Frame signs are also portable and can be transferred easily from one place to another. The A-Frame is often used by restaurants, cafes and retailers to advertise their company or specials to passersby. It can easily be customised to suit your company’s needs and showcase your brand.



Back-lit signs are illuminated with low voltage lighting behind specific images or lettering. Illuminated signs are great for businesses that are open late, or need to add some additional light to areas both inside and outside of your premises.


A lightbox sign is an illuminated flat box that is used day and night. With the option to have single or double-sided lightbox signs, they make the perfect choice for under awnings and menu displays.


Banners provide a high impact yet portable advertising solutions. Banners are one of the most cost-effective signage options, and they are used either indoors or outdoors. Like an A-Frame, banners can easily be moved from one location to the next, making them an excellent option for pop up events or exhibitions. Often printed on cloth, banners can be quite long-lasting if not left out in the weather.

Electronic Sign

An electronic sign is a programmable type of sign that can promote your company by communicating messages to customers and passersby. As well as being programmable, an electronic sign can quickly be adjusted to suit any changes to your promotions, without the need to print off different signs. Meaning your customers can have up-to-date information via your electronic sign.



Neon signs are an old favourite due to their retro look. The primary purpose of a neon sign is to attract attention. This sign grabs attention with glass tubes shaped in bright, neon colours. There is no end to the design possibilities when it comes to neon signs; it generally comes down to budget constraints. 

Three dimensional (3D)

Three-dimensional signs have become a popular outdoor signage solution for many businesses. A 3D sign can provide the look of a neon sign with the benefits of LED’s cost-effectiveness, low power consumption, brightness and reliability. Using various colours and materials, each achieving different effects like halo, side or edge lighting and back or front lighting.


Vehicle signage

Although not your typical signage, having your business name or branding on your car can be a very effective way to advertise. Your car becomes a mobile billboard, seen in various places throughout your travels, whether that be for business or personal. People tend to take note of custom coloured cars on the road, much more notice than they would give to a company that they were driving by. So it makes sense to add your branding or business to your car. Choose from a full car wrap, partial wrap, vinyl lettering or even a magnetic removable sign.

Whether you want to establish a new business or increase the sales of an existing one, professional indoor and outdoor signage will help achieve the best results. The best signs are in a position to convey who you are, assisting customers to understand you and most importantly, identify your business. With so many types of outdoor signage for you to choose from, the options are endless when it comes to creating a truly customised sign that communicates the essence of your brand.

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