How to find the right signage company for your business

A business is only as good as its branding. And it's branding is only as good as its visibility, and this is where finding the right signage company to help you becomes crucial.

Your products and services are the essential aspects of any feasible business, but for any business with a physical presence, business signage is how you get noticed. And choosing the right signage company for your business can make or break your ability to stand out in the crowd.

Upgrading your'e old signage or getting brand new signage can be an exciting time. Whether you choose to update the layout and design or even start from scratch, small changes can make quite a difference. You want to be pleased to introduce or reintroduce your brand to the public, so choosing a signage company whose work reflects the standards and expectations of you and your business is paramount.



Start by brainstorming the ideas that you have for your business signage. Use websites and apps like Pinterest, Instagram or Google image search to curate some inspiration and see what is possible. Real-life examples also make for great inspiration, so take photos of signs that you like while you are out and about.




Research local signage companies

Make a list of any local signage company in your area. It could also help to ask for a recommendation from friends or family. And remember those photos you took during the brainstorming phase? Call some of them to ask which signage company they used. They’ll be flattered that you think their signage is impressive, and you’ll know where to go to get something just as amazing for yourself.

Decide on your style

Narrow down your signage company choices by researching the kinds of signage each company offers. Do you need a lightbox to hang for your awning? Are you after a retro-looking neon sign? Perhaps you want to advertise your business on your car. And maybe a sandwich board is all you need for now.


As well as knowing the type and style of signage you want for your business, you probably have an idea of how much money you want to spend on it. Knowing your budget can help narrow down your options when it comes to choosing a signage company.


So you’ve got an idea in your mind about what your sign will look like. You’ve narrowed it down to a few local signage companies. And you know how much you want to spend. Now its time to make some enquiries to find the right signage company for your business.


At this stage, you have made a lot of important decisions. But the design is probably the most important. You will need something that will convey your business branding in a way that lets potential customers know who you are. Many companies like to stick to using their logo or branded version of their business name, but the possibilities are endless.


Not all signage companies offer installation, so that’s an important question to ask when engaging a signage company. Signforce install all of the work to ensure the highest quality has been achieved.

Maintenance and warranty

Now that your signage has been installed, it’s time to think about support and warranty. The team at Signforce follow all the guidelines from the manufacturer when preparing and fitting your signage; therefore, the warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on the type of sign installed, the warranty period available may be up to five years.

When choosing the right signage company for your business, it can seem overwhelming. But after following these steps, the experience and result will be much more rewarding. Take your time to understand what each company offers. Your patience in researching the right signage company for your business will pay off, with remarkable results in the end. 

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