How to Increase the Curb Appeal for your business

There are many ways you can improve the curb appeal of your business. The facade of your business tells the story of your brand by offering the first impression of your business as customers start making judgements the moment they see your building.

So you must send the right image to potential customers. Each detail paints a picture of your business, and by increasing your businesses curb appeal, you can take advantage of that.

Why is business curb appeal so important?

Most importantly, it helps bring in customers. A business’ exterior paints a picture of their brand. It often forms a buyer’s first impression, and more often than not, can be the reason why, or why not, someone enters your doors.

1. Landscaping and Greenery

Plants and colourful flowers can make your business look cared for. It takes time and effort to look after plants, so why not show your customers and potential customers that you look after your business well. If you have a lawn, ensure it is trim and tidy. Take care to patch or reseed any bare spots and consider planting trees for shade if you have space.


2. Welcome Mat

A small yet affordable way to make customers feel welcome. A welcome mat not only helps with your curb appeal but helps keep the inside of your premises a little bit cleaner and can help dry customers shoes on a wet day.


3. Signage 

If the name of your business doesn’t spell out what you do, provide a graphic or sandwich board to indicate the products or services that you offer. Anyone that passes by your business is a potential customer, so take advantage of your advertising space. Signage also makes it easier for your customers to find you, adding to their overall customer experience. An LED sign is a great and cost-effective way to improve the curb appeal of your business. An LED sign can provide safe and well-lit paths and parking areas for your patrons, as well as attract new customers that see your lit-up sign while driving by in the dark.


4. Window Displays

Rotate and update the items in your window display to suit the seasons, current trends or promotions. It also helps to display your most appealing items. Eye-catching window displays aren’t only beneficial during the holidays. They can tempt passersby all year-round and convert window shoppers into paying customers. Stock your window display with neatly arranged products or sales signs. Ensure any holiday-related decor is updated when the holiday passes.


5. Install Specialised Furniture

On top of the landscaping and greenery, installing specialised furniture can change the appearance of your building. A new awning or sunshade could be worth it if it means a better welcome for your customers. Tables, chairs and umbrellas if you sell food or beverages can entice customers to stay longer and purchase more. Or a simple a park bench for passersby to rest on while taking in your window displays.


6. Parking

While the parameters for parking may not be in your control, make sure your customers know if you have a dedicated parking area. Depending on the location of your business, adequate parking can also have a significant impact on your businesses curb appeal. If you provide off-street parking, ensure the lines are marked, the area is free of debris, and there are no potholes.


7. Maintenance

Your storefront is an extension of your brand. So attention to detail, like clearing any pathways or ensuring the door opens effortlessly, can go a long way when it comes to improving curb appeal for potential customers. Cleaning the windows also seems like a simple task but is often overlooked but can have quite an impact. If passersby can’t see through your dirty windows, they won’t know what’s waiting for them inside. Likewise, ensure your gutters and down pipes are clear. In the event of heavy rain, you want to ensure the risk of your patrons slipping over is minimised.

Giving your business a curb appeal boost can be done in less time than you think. Plan and prioritise the projects that will make the most difference. Regular maintenance and upkeep is the easiest and most cost-effective way to capture the attention of new customers.

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